notoneofthem-pokemons asked:

I was in love with my bestfriend we dated for 1 year 6 months & 3 hours exactly. Never back after that met her many times but couldn't get her back cuz she was in love with her ex before me (weird & heartbreaking) Exactly been 3 years 2 months today & I still dream and miss her. I can't stop thinking of her 😭

Wow. That sucks but let me cheer you up.
Your bff will realize you are the right for her and you are gonna be an amazing couple,and people are gonna think:”wow,they are still together?!”
Even though 1 year and 6month isnt a short time.if you two are meant to be,you’ll be together.(look at my recent post). Good luck sweety,dont try too hard,trust happy and wish you all good.